If you are looking for a beginner wig, perfect for everyday wear, shop our Closure wigs. These classic looks never go out of style and do not require adhesive. If you are ready to take it to the next step, shop our Frontal wigs.  All wigs come pre-plucked and styled with an elastic band.

When our HD wig is worn, it appears to create the illusion that your wig is growing from your scalp in person and in on camera.


As our HD illusion lace is very thin they must be treated with extra care. Clients are advised not to wear it as an everyday look to maximise its longevity.

Continuous and excessive wear and combing may increase shedding

If you would transparent lace, email us at within 24hours of making your order, so that we can make the change for you before production.

Please refer to all our policies to understand how we operate and how we process returns, refunds and exchanges.