About Us

At PRiSTIGE Hair, we are so passionate about providing you with the best of the best! We sell 100% one donor hair machine wefted wigs. We take pride in the durability of the machine wefts which lower the possibilty of loose tracks which are often common with handmade wigs.

Best of all our wigs arrive in your hands ready to wear. No glue, no fuss!

The name of our brand denotes the distinction and the reputation we have, by sourcing our one donor hair from their respective countries of origin and providing you with the BEST quality in the industry.

PRiSTIGE Hair provides you with versatility, as the virgin status of the hair on the wigs we offer you can be straightened, curled, blow-dryed and coloured. All the hair pieces are virgin cuticle and have not been manipulated in any way. The hair cuticles have also been aligned to minimise tangling and shedding.

We understand the value that women place on their hair, so in addition to our quality we will provide you with the best consumer service!

Let the hair do the talking and come and join the PRiSTIGE Family!